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  • 03 Oct
    Day 1
  • 04 Oct
    Day 2
  • 05 Oct
    Day 3
  • Pre Conference
Fibre Workshop: Fibre: The Game Changer
Bora Varliyagci, CEO of DigitalThings
BICSI Workshop
Deep Dive Troubleshooting for Wireless Wi-Fi Networks
  • Plenary
Key Note – FTTH Council Africa
Andile Ngcaba - President FTTH Council Africa
Partner Welcome – BICSI
Dewald Burger, BICSI Lead SA

Key Note Address – DTPS
The Minister Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services: Dr Siyabonga Cwele

Presentation – African Challenges and it’s Solutions in FTTH
Mike Knott, Corning
Armchair Chat
What No One Told Me About Investing in Fibre

Presenters: CHAIR: Netstream - Robbie Henderson CEO Dark Fibre Africa - Thinus Mulder CEO Lightstruck - Hannes Pieterse Head: Commercial and Legal, Liquid Telecoms - Mike Silber   There is no clearly delineated path or recipe for success in the fibre optic industry. Figuring out how and where to start can be a challenge. But there are those that have learnt lessons through experience. This session talks to the entrepreneurs and executive business leaders in a relaxed format while they share some valuable insights and share their industry knowledge.

Presentation – IOT – Is It All It’s Made Out To Be?
CEO Sqwidnet - Reshaad Sha
Panel Discussion
FTTST - Fibre to the Small Town?

CHAIR: Commscope - Jan Vandenbroeck Vumatel - Niel Schoeman Frogfoot - Abraham van der Merwe Sizwe Connect - Malcolm Kirby Open Serve - Lucas Ndala It is said that the high cost of extending fibre internet services beyond urban areas does not make expansion to smaller towns viable, especially combined with the lower number of potential subscribers. This session talks with operators about the viability of taking fibre to tier 2 towns.

Presentation – The Future of Fibre
Vodacom - Dr Marten Scheffer
Presentation – The Road to 5G: Building the Next Generation Mobile Networks
LinkAfrica: Andre Hoffman
Panel Discussion
Regulating Africa: Soft Touch or Hard Core?

CHAIR: Ellie Hagopian CEO TESPOK - Fiona Asanga SACF - Katarina Pillay CEO SATA - Jacob Munodawafa   One important observation that has continually proven to be true when engaging with investors in developing countries and emerging economies is that they want a responsible, fair and well regulated industry that will result in stable investments. And whilst this is a critical precondition for sustainable development of any economy and society one must consider the need for flexibility in a rapidly growing market. . This session takes a look at regulation and what is required from governments to ensure an effectively regulated continent, without stifling rapid development.

  • Fibre Stream
  • BICSI Stream
Message from the FTTH Council Africa
FTTX Council Africa - Chief Executive: Juanita Clark

Key Note
Shadow Minister DTPS - Ms Marian Shinn

Armchair Chat
How Can Business Speed Up Deployment and Reduce Cost of Fibre Networks

CHAIR: Simon Roberts MTN - Amith Maharaj Fibreco - Simon Harvey Safaricom - Nancy Matimu   Ongoing investment in fibre optic networks remains critical in order to support the Internet economy. However, the greatest barrier to fibre deployment involves the capital costs.   Whilst expenses associated with equipment and electronics of fibre networks have come down, running fibre to each home over either underground or aerial conduit remains expensive.   In spite of this it is agreed that fibre will most certainly be the dominant carrier technology in fixed networks although it takes time to deploy and is much slower than setting up a wireless link.   This session will explore how operators can lower the costs associated with deployment, as well as increase the speed.

Panel Discussion
Future Revenue Enabled by High Speed Internet

CHAIR: Mikael Sandberg Mauritius Telecom - Bobby Ramsoondur Vulatel - Louisa van Beek MTN - Raegan Ramsamy The fibre optic revolution currently taking place in developing countries will bring with it regional, social, business and human benefits. By introducing advanced broadband connections it will not only ‘open up’ countries and entire regions to improved communications, but it will also generate much-needed revenue for the telecoms industry. There are many social and business benefits associated with fibre and critical to this is how best to make the most of its opportunities and benefits. This session talks to the true value proposition of high speed fibre and will consider some of the applications and uses that will fill the pipes and open up new revenue streams for operators. Pay attention: here’s where some of the future revenues will come from.

Presentation – Suburb of the Future
CEO Vumatel Niel Schoeman

Presentation – Fibre vs The Rest: How Does Fibre Stack Up Against Other Technologies?
Thomas Martin: Calix
Presentation – Africa Research Report: The Opportunities in Africa
Idate - Roland Montanye

Global Panorama

Eduardo Jedruch - LATAM Dr Safa Nassereldin - MENA Jan Schindler - Europe Al Nunez - The Americas

Presentation – BICSI Update & Developing Standards for the Global Smart City & IoT Infrastructure Industry
Paul Weintraub, Vice President of Global Development & Support, BICSI
Presentation – Latest Wireless Deployment Trends for Smart Cities
Ronald van Kleunen. CEO, Globeron Pte Ltd. Singapore.
Presentation – Fixed wireless access
Dr. Andre Fourie, Executive Chairman & Product Specialist, Poynting Antennas (Pty) Ltd
Presentation – High Speed Migration
Moses Ngugi, Application Engineer, Commscope
Presentation – Top inhibitors to IOT
Roger Hislop, Technical Product Development Engineer, Internet Solutions
Presentation – Five Considerations When Constructing Your World Class African Network
Bradley Hemphill, Managing Director, EES Live
Presentation – Optimized test regimes and workflows for the certification and troubleshooting of a cabling infrastructure found in today’s data centers
Christian Schillab - Marketing Engineer EMEA, Fluke Networks
Presentation: Analytics and Informed Surveillance
Rudi Opperman, Sales Engineer & Trainer, Axis Communication South Africa