2017 Pre Conference Workshop


Presenter: Bora Varliyagci, CEO of DigitalThings

This year the pre-conference event will take a look at what to expect and how to prepare for living and working in the time of rapid change.

Experts will kick off the Conference speaking on new strategies to help communities and the individuals who live, work, and learn in them adapt and thrive in a world of constant change.

The session will take a look at:

    • The enabling role of fibre within modern day networking, applications and lives.
    • Getting fibre closer to end users- real people and things. (This section can also cover enabling & limiting technical and economic factors and what development of sound strategies entail)
    • Stepping into a new era of “data”- and the impact we do not completely understand yet.
    • The value of data, importance of data analytics, impact of data on day to day lives, global and local economy, as well as thought-provoking aspects such as “is big data dangerous?”

Come and learn more about the world that fibre is unlocking and your role in it.

This workshop is delivered by Bora Varliyagci, CEO of DigitalThings, a services provider, specialising in digital infrastructure, cloud and internet of things solutions, broadband networks and services.
DigitalThings assist with development of feasible projects and sustainable business models, while turning your strategies into success and safeguarding your investments.

Bora Varilacgi, CEO DigitalThings

Presenter: Ronald van Kleunen, Globeron

How difficult can it be to install a Wi-Fi network for a large enterprise?
Many people install their own access point at home and assume that it is equally easy to do the same in a large/larger organisation. However, they have unique characteristics and both environments poses risks and potential problems.
You will need to be able to identify these if you are going to build a high performing functional network that will result in a better Wi-Fi experience.

This workshop is intended for people that need to build and troubleshoot Wi-Fi networks, as well as which advanced tools exist for identification of problems.

By attending this workshop, delegates will acquire skills to identify and solve problems pertaining to Wi-Fi networks including:
• Why your wireless connection works intermittently?
• How wireless security impacts the performance of your network?
• Who implements these wireless networks and do they follow standards?

The end Result:
• In depth understanding of the functioning of Wi-Fi networks.
• Tools to be used to trouble shoot and analyse Wi-Fi issues (deep dive)
• Improve your career in Wi-Fi and gain BICSI CECs points by following vendor neutral professional wireless training

If you are interested in learning more about Wi-Fi technology this session is a must.

Delivered by Ronald van Kleunen, the CEO of Globeron Pte Ltd, based in Singapore. As CEO he manages the daily business operation and provides certification training services in APAC/EMEA/USA since 2003.
Globeron regularly presents at ITU (International Telecommunication Union) for government regulators and policy makers about wireless security practices for Mobile/Wireless (Wi-Fi) networks.
Since 2008, he also speaks at global BICSI events in Dubai, Middle East (MEA), South East Asia (SEA, Singapore, Thailand, The Philippines), South Pacific (Australia, New Zealand and USA conferences (Las Vegas/NV, Tampa/FL) and now Africa.

Ronald van Kleunen, Globeron