About the Conference:
The FTTH Council Africa conference is the one stop for all things high speed broadband. Over two and a half days discussions vary from Smart Cities to funding models.
We invite speakers from all over the world representing a wide range of disciplines. The sessions are carefully curated to help you connect the dots between the widespread topics.
The aim is to stimulate conversation on issues that affect us all, and educate in areas where we may not have a full grasp.

The Audience:
The Application of Fibre Optic infrastructure vary, and therefore our conference. We attempt to position our conference to talk to all stakeholders that have an interest in Fibre, from Fixed Line Providers and ISP’s to Home Owner Associations and Property Companies.

We also have topics that pertain to Governments and Policy Makers. 2016 saw more than 600 delegates visit the event over two and a half days, from a wide range of countries.

Further, in the exhibition hall you will find the latest and greatest products on display – as well as several operators that can talk you through service offerings.

The main theme remains – exploring the complexity and trends in the world of high speed broadband and the stuff that rely on it… like the Internet of Things and 5G oh, and let’s not forget humans.

Join us as we try to answer all the How’s, What’s, and Why’s.